Also known as a Vichy shower, a table shower couple massage in Cuyahoga Falls is a very enjoyable experience. In this blog, we will discuss what it is and what you can expect from a table shower couple massage in Cuyahoga Falls. Let’s get started!

What is A Table Shower Couple Massage?

First things first: what is a table shower?

A table shower is a table having anywhere between five and seven shower heads attached to it, which you can lie down and get a massage on. It is used in a lot of spas nowadays in combination with a full-body massage to give the recipients maximum pleasure. In a lot of Asian countries a table shower also includes a sexual massage. But if you are trying to book it in Ohio or any place else in the US, it would hold a completely different meaning.

How A Table Shower Works

A table shower is made up of five to seven shower heads that are connected to a long metal bar that makes one think of shower curtain rods. The rod is positioned above an unconventional, waterproof massage table with water drainage. As part of a hydrotherapy treatment at a specialist spa, you can decide to enjoy all the advantages of the table shower.

Consider treatment with a huge volume of 13 US gallons (50 liters) or more of water every minute. Do you want to experience sleeping on a cozy shallow wet bed with more than 100 gallons (378.5 liters) of water pouring over your back in ten minutes? You do, I’m sure of it!

The therapist will adjust a bar in accordance with your requests to direct water at specific areas of your body. In some spas, a handheld shower head can be used for a better experience.

Additionally, upon your request, he or she will adjust the water temperature and the pattern of water movement. A whole-body water massage would be the ideal therapy, thanks to diverse jet placements.

To improve the absorption of products that have already been rubbed into your skin, always request this treatment after a body scrub, if that is possible. The table shower, on the other hand, will warm you up and calm you. It will also prime your body for total gratification if you choose a full body massage along with it.

What to Expect in A Table Shower Couple Massage in Cuyahoga Falls

You might have a massage for relaxation, stress relief, or even for medical reasons. You may benefit from a table shower couple massage in Cuyahoga Falls before or after a body massage, depending on the spa.

Before the massage, using the table shower will ensure that the sensation of pleasure is enhanced. The table shower will assist your skin in removing the oil, especially those with strong scents, if it occurs after the massage.

1. What to Wear to Your Massage

If the state legislation doesn’t mandate the contrary, you can always decide to take a table shower while wearing nothing. However, most of the time people cover their bodies with towels in order to maintain their privacy. Additionally, you can wear disposable underwear too.


Remember that before lying down on the shower table, you must have a full bath. Oils need clean skin to get absorbed into for maximum benefits. Your masseuse will tell you when to lie on your back and when to turn over on your stomach.

2. The Temperature of Water Used

Depending on your preferences, the temperatures in the table shower couple massage will vary. Alternating between sets of hot, cold, and warm water is accomplished by altering them.

If you want it that way, you can request that at several instances within the same treatment, different water of varying temperatures be poured over your body.

3. Table Massage Room

Most spas will offer you a couple massage in Cuyahoga Falls in a private shower room with a table shower in the middle. Before the treatment begins, you will find a fresh towel on the table.


The majority of contemporary table showers have a bar with a few shower heads positioned above it. They also give you your favorite water effect if you know it. However, some spas provide a different choice. There, the massage is performed by the therapist using a handheld shower head.

4.  The Process

  • Washing The Back: The procedure usually starts with a back massage using water. You should lay face down on the already damp table. The water will initially be adjusted by the therapist to a comfortable temperature. Once you are moist, the therapist will rub your entire backside with a loofah. You will flip over as soon as your back has been rinsed.
  • Turning Over: Your face and hair will remain dry as the therapist essentially repeats the procedure on the front of your body. Once you have had enough fun, you should take a towel and dry off.
  • Chakra Balancing: In some Asian table showers, the shower heads are positioned such that they line up with your body’s seven chakras. Water will encourage the cleaning of your energy field and aura. Each chakra corresponds to one of your spine’s energy centers. If you hold this belief, you should try this remedy to assist your body in flushing out toxins.

5. Exceptional Services

Luxury treatments like mud, seaweed, or even chocolate wraps are becoming more and more common at massage spas. Sea salt washes and massages with rare essential oils are further options.


These procedures serve as a primer for table showers, massages, and using hydrating body lotion.

The Final Word

A table shower couple massage is a good and gentle pleasurable experience that can bring you closer to your partner. So, what are you waiting for? You can get the most memorable and pleasurable table shower couple massage in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio at MJ Optimum Massage. To book your appointment, Call us NOW!

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